Mining services

The mining industry continues to evolve in character, capacity and continues to make an impact in the lives of the modern day human. Our mining offering focuses on blending our technical knowledge and experience with low cost, quality outsourced contracting options that enables our clients to trust that their value chain is continually improving.

  • Mine haul road construction and traffic management
  • Underground mine development (forward moves, back areas sweepings etc)
  • Contract mining (topsoil/overburden removal)
  • Contract mineral processing, crushing, handling and screening
  • Exploration and production drilling

Sustainable land use

Land is the most primary of all the natural resources that humans are endowed with. To date mining operations are associated with leaving land sites with no socio-economic utility. Our land use proposition integrates the legislative requirements within mining with innovative technologies to deliver a post mining environment that sustains community economic activities through initiatives encompassing renewable energies, eco-agriculture and eco-services.

  • Restoration of legacy/closed mines to self-sustaining socio-economic solutions
  • Contract rehabilitation in operational mines
  • End of life rehabilitation optimising the use of mine closure liability provisions

Consulting and technical advisory

To know where you are going is to know where you are from. The industrial sector remains being the hub of all innovation and improving the modern day human experience.  Our advisory offering seeks to enable ideation and operationalise emerging knowledge to breakthrough into a better future for enterprises and communities.

  • Pit to port mining process optimisation
  • Industry 4.0 and technology deployment for asset intensive industries
  • Strategic, commercial and technical studies
  • Risk management and external process audits
  • World class business improvement practices (Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean and TOC)

General services

If making a buck meant not caring would you still do it? In every service offered, our team values the transformation over the transaction. Our general services offering allows you to focus on your core business while ensuring that supporting activities will continue to contribute seamlessly to core business outcomes.

  • Project management services and project cost modelling
  • General building projects (CIDB accredited)
  • Outsourced maintenance contracts and services
  • Electrical wiring and electrification
  • Rigging, crane hire and abnormal loads handling
  • Minerology analytical services
  • Water treatment and analysis
  • Underground walkways/travelling way revitalisation