Mining services

The mining industry continues to evolve in character, capacity and continues to make an impact in the lives of the modern day human.

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Sustainable land use

Land is the most primary of all the natural resources that humans are endowed with. To date mining operations are associated with

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Consulting and technical

To know where you are going is to know where you are from. The industrial sector remains being the hub of all innovation and improving...

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Unlocking Africa’s economic and growth potential through the optimization of the use of natural, human, technological and capital resources to sustainably benefit all stakeholders while delivering superior service.

We will do this by elevating the efficiency and competitiveness of Africa’s mining, energy, industrial and government enterprises. We utilize world class operation excellence practices, knowledge-based and innovative solutions to the toughest challenges that our clients face.

Sekgao 189 is a 100% black owned Small to Medium Enterprise that provides professional services, technical advice and products in the mining, energy, industrial and municipal sectors. It offers organizations, entities and municipalities with full solutions from concept, exploration to implementation and change management The Sekgao189 team has extensive experience working with a range of commodities in South Africa and the African region. These commodities include ferrous metals, coal, chrome, copper, petroleum, water and the platinum group of metals.

Our Commitment

  • To the socio-economic development in the communities surrounding area where we do business.
  • To maintaining the highest safety standards in support of our business partners.
  • To help our partners to achieve a continuously evolving green eco system.
  • To deliver work of outstanding quality, timeously within budget.
  • To support our partner’s business strategy with the best execution tools available.